Of N56VM Of Front-End And Back: IVB Of The I7 Quad – Core CPU ASUS N56VM Laptop Evaluation

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Whenever as indicated by Moore’s ordinance, electronic integration density chips every 18 months will be doubled, basically every year and a half of electronic products will upgrade generation. Amidst the computer upgrading is specifically even more speed, you see this time previous year, intel has merely released its recent SNB platform processor and a year later, we as well as Intel brought it following generation the IVB platform of processors.

For example, currently we get an equipped with the latter the IVB platform processor laptop -Asus N56VM It is equipped with Intel Core i73610QM processor, the GT630M separate graphics card properly like HD4000 integrated 750GB, graphics as well as 6GB DDR3 memory mechanical hdd. With all that said. Xiaobian thru it to clear up more about Ivy Bridge processor.

In the lofty precision camera lenses, guys that mark is still rather evident the above existence, xiaobian deep feelings, aSUS N56VM black brushed metal. It is extremely durable, quickly wipe off fingerprints children and perspiration stains with water. Now regarding the aforementioned reality. This machine and before the series is not the same doodah is it’s A side Logo, side A for ASUS N56VM Logo boot automatically lit.

ASUS N56VM still continues the Asus habit N series video of this, fifteen. Full HD ‘LED backlit’ display, 1920 best resolution × 1080, advantages of the matte the privileges screen is in the outdoors can reduce the grainy screen, to enhance display effect. Now please pay attention. The screen top is still all books of the standard the books -front camera.

This is not no reason, large, stupid, basically and heavy covering all the general characteristics of “massive size” notebook. This is the case. As well made a corresponding rearrangements in thickness, 35mm thickness above the fifteen, the testing room to bring the ASUS N56VM on this problem highly seriously.

ASUS N56VM thick completely about 30mm, “front end” is 10mm, basically N56VM reached an extreme of fifteen.

From a weight viewpoint, the ASUS N56VM the weight 730kg, travel weight is 455kg, compared with the average fifteen. As a consequence, since it contains “material”, aSUS N56VM is there such a weight, and after that we look down. We understand from simply introduction appearance The ASUS N56VM is what kind of design, then we look at it which interfaces could be used where set. This convenience a prerequisite is that you use N56VM time period, or previous you must involve the corps lift can smooth the SD inserted, of N56VM of “front end” and ‘backend’ are relatively straightforward. This setting is as well quite easy.

We look at the ASUS N56VM interface is fairly abundant “region”, the left fuselage side has a 5mm subwoofer interface, VGA, RJ45, 2 and in addition the HDMI USB3. However, observant buddie figured out the ASUS N56VM not set up conservative USB 0 interface, replaced with the help of a 4 USB3.

While bottom of the palm the bottom rest position does not have any stickers, the convergence on the one F12 function keys to ensure the keyboard integrity region, from the chart we can see the ASUS N56VM the keypad and palm rest is pretty neat, the top does not specifically set shortcut keys. Oftentimes will feel after a long time typing wrist a little uncomfortable, n56VM for ‘fullsize’ chocolate keyboard design. ‘key way’ good elasticity medium or cause the palm end rest does not use rounded corners.

While get a full range of applications, a lot more widely used in notebook computers, outdoor and indoor, bright and gloomy environments, needs The ASUS N56VM laptops with backlit keyboard design, to ensure the user use in the grim. That said, users can in addition use the FN + F3 or F4 keys to adjust the keyboard backlight brightness as indicated by the needs. Yes, that’s right! ASUS light at nightime to use the ASUS N56VM backlit keyboard with side A Logo is quite beautiful.

ASUS N56VM trackpad made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, the FRP big intensity, a close look at middle of the touchpad the middle could be searched for, from the inside out spiral lines.

Sounds familiar, does it not? ASUS exclusive vocal master SonicMaster jointly developed by the world’s top audio brand Bang Olufsen ICEpower technology, aSUS N56VM notebook computer audio adherents can meet the desire for excellent sound quality in case it is used in relatively tiny range of space words will be better.

Now look. The greater the diaphragm diameter, external subwoofer is not a decoration. Broadband is the sound difference is more clear from speakers, the subwoofer or the principle are the same. You have got an impression of immersive, of pop music primarily. It can make the music more shocking.

Without an adapter adapter, the final “audiovisual” experience to N56VM won a great deal of points. ASUS N56VM equipped with the USB the Charger + function. More efficient on the road USB mobile device charger. I’m sure you heard about this. It supports mobile devices charge mode, break the force turned in any place, dormant, off or at as always is as mobile USB like MP3 players, tablet PCs or phones devices charge. With intention to pay attention when using this feature after the SB installation charger + drive must be in the BIOS to the USB charger + functionality to open. More and likewise there’re more anyone concerned about cooling of the notebook the cooling with life difficulties, which step by step key regulation in the mutiny a notebook excellent, appearance are very frequently a big concern for guys to consider a notebook, this little series is a lot endorse, with the notebook rapid development.

Furthermore, while the keyboard in the central and the left side of the allocation of thermal are, the thermal testing the application used for the FurMark Kaoji on the map. The palm rest temperature partition control from the thermal point of the keypad fairly good. The touchpad temperature fraction reached 36 degrees Celsius, heat vast and windows up more than 40 degrees Celsius, will feel some burning sensation when in actual use.

While the temperature thermal fraction windows reached 60 degrees Celsius, next look at N56VM back cooling results from the previous figure can obviously see. The same Central reached above 40 degrees Celsius. The above test results are an important test is practically a continuous 5 or 6 hours are used to play a vast get game graphics, then I think which laptop dare not own heat.

Since the thermal testing for the graphics card, lots of my buddies are rather concerned about the internal core thermal temperature testing in the end is how much it creply from the image above, graphics card temperature reached 91 degrees Celsius.

Nevertheless, right after using MobileMark2007 test gives 191 battery mins life, aSUS N56VM equipped with a 5200 mA cell lithium battery 56Wh6, equivalent to down about a little bit more than 3 hours, a standard life time level. The ASUS N56VM hardware configuration Processor Intel Core ‘i73610QM’ clocked at 30GHz Memory 6GB of DDR3 Graphics the NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M graphics card + Intel HD 4000 Display fifteen. SNB.

Whenever resulting in a more strong 3D performance and game performance; start from the Ivy Bridge, the core graphics card supports native 3 separate shows, a newest generation of HD Graphics 4000/2500 Nuclear substantially increase in the EU programmable unit.

HD 4000 Core Graphics as well support OpenCL 1, for main purpose computing has happen to be doable.

Anyways, this was the 1-st application on a mobile platform, another huge improvement in IvyBridge is to increase support for PCIE in reality, this and as well 0 era SandyBridge appeared. While reducing the memory transition and chipset, lower latency and response time is shorter, the performance would in addition refine, the huge a number of PCIE slot by the CPU on the motherboard immediately connected.

Now please pay attention. Unchanged: PPGA988 slot type, the Turbo Boost 0 dynamic acceleration technology. Anyways, lowvoltage version for 17W; Thermal grip design, the standard voltage, ‘dual core’ or 35W Quad Core 45W.

While the CPU is still the integrated I / A media processing, sandy Bridge. Bridge or Ivy use the CPU + a PCH “dual chip” design, display, core and Core Graphics the memory controller, ring, PCIE controller and engine to Unicom bus and shared LLC.

DMark 06 is quite classic DX9. IT practitioners, with a strong horizontal reference value. Don’t feel 3Dmark06 seems to be really pretty old, this program supports DX9. On top of this, we need to make a look at newest results IVB processor DX9. Beyond the previous generations SNB platform i7 2720QM processor quad core processors in the newest IVB i7 3610QM 31. fiber tablets Oftentimes while the the IVB platform processors this test resolution 1280 × 1024, sNB processor tests the default resolution is 1280 × 768, in the same resolution, the test results must be able to about 40 percent higher comparing to HD4000 graphics to refine the degree is evident.

Can see that the HD4000 graphics score and GT520M GF610M is basically the same. HD6470M, HD7470M this alone substantially was completely throw off. HD3000 core graphics compared to the previous generation, the rise is about 38 percent, which is said that the core graphics card is successful beyond the entrylevel alone considerably and is not far from the midrange discrete graphics. Such a strong running subentrylevel AMD / NVIDIA is the best noticeable product status is pretty embarrassing. Is expected mid AMD and NIVIDIA, entry level graphics card year threshold there will be a special upgrade.

For graphics higher requirements for “standalone” N56VM incompetent, but or game primarily the ASUS N56VM gamers can fully satisfy, comparison of results from the the 3Dmark evaluation results. Level and StarCraft two for Speed 13 can make all, the 3D online game of World of Warcraft this is It’s Ok, don’t worry.

You should take it into account. CineBench is an use for film and television market sector, cinema 4D peculiar effects script engine, you can test the CPU and graphics performance. The basic concern in the CPU weekly testing processing section. Nonetheless, in case the setup has more than one processor core or multi threading, the test is divided to 2: 1-st test merely use the CPU to render a highprecision 3D scene images in a ‘single processor’ singlethreaded run mostly once, the 1-st to use usually one thread, the 2-nd run all the processor cores and threads.

Sounds familiar? The subsequent test, we adopt contrast way, the CineBench ASUS N56VM with IVB platform Core i7 3610QM compared with the previous generation the SNB platforms Cor i7 2720QM processor from “singlethreaded” and full load terms of contrast score results, i7 IVB quadcore platform than the SNB platform i7 “quad core” performance increase of about 45 per cent -50 percent.

I’m sure it sounds familiar. PCMark Vantage provides a more ‘easy to use’ ‘one button’ testing capabilities and workstation platforms, the desktop, unified test scripts, mobile and test program based on Windows structure. It is pCMark Vantage can measure all types of PC’s overall performance. Whether it is in the professionals hands, from multimedia home entertainment systems to notebooks, professional workstations to ‘highend’ gaming platform, or belonging to the ordinary user, setup performance can understand through the PCMark Vantage test content is divided to the processor test, graphical test. The HDD test.

Doesn’t it sound familiar? Whether it is headquarters, aSUS N56VM PCMark Vantage score of 8904. From another viewpoint, video, game or even audio level, IVB platform processors than SNB platforms to improve.

SYSMark Series application is a computer to come thru in the very true, appropriate application program and simulate the real user on the computer’s operating performance info. Now please pay attention. It can use the scientific method will be a wide range of findings attributed to a model application. That said, sYSMark the test results show that the modern Ivy is extremely effective to improve overall performance and improve the all the performance platform, core i7 3610QM about 15 per cent. With that said, n56VM we get ASUS notebook with Ivb bridge processor i7 -3610QM processor compared with the previous generations SNB i7 2720QM processor, has noticeably improved the performance, the HD4000 performance set beyond the GT520M main office or entertainment N56VM can handy, ASUS exclusive vocal master SonicMaster technology jointly developed by the world’s top audio brand Bang Olufsen ICEpower and the accompanying subwoofer, N56VM can make you feel highly good audio and visual effects.

Virtually, as well durable, “light emitting” Logo accompanied under the patronage of a full size backlit keyboard in the grim don’t have a taste, up from the ASUS appearance of N56VM black metal wire drawing the surface is fairly atmospheric. N56VM interface settings is pretty complete, 4 USB3. While waiting for ASUS to give us a pleasant surprise, USB ASUS N56VM usually equipped with IVB processor performance is awesome, simply don’t see geometry price.

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