But Then There’Re These Biscuits Called ‘Wholesome Biscuits – Healthiest Wheat Biscuits In India

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We’ve told you how biscuits are not good and can promote fat storage. Then there’re these biscuits called ‘proper biscuits like wheat biscuits, we or big fiber biscuits planned to heard 2 things.

All biscuits had pretty identical ingredients. high fiber diet plan Britannia Marie Gold was the lowest calorie count at 441 calories per 100 gm. That’s right. This was slightly lower calorie count than Sunfeast Marie Lite. Had a lofty calorie count of 487 calories and double the Marie fat content biscuits, biggest fiber is Britannia ‘NutriChoiceat’ 6 gm per every 100 gm.

It was more a question of which wheat biscuits are the least harmful, honestly, it was a tight race:) biscuits aren’t really nutritious.

Essentially, fitho’s healthiest choice wheat biscuits is Britannia Marie GoldWith the lowest calorie count, its as well fortified with vitamins and calcium.

Funny note: Britannia Marie Gold says, one Marie pack Gold contains protein same amount of one glass of milk. One pack of Marie Gold contains 616 calories, whereas 1 quite low glass fat milk is approximately 6080 calorie. Britannia Marie Gold: 441 “calories 76”. Vitamin A 880 mcg, vitamin D 8 mcg, vitamin E 17. Vit B1, folic, B6, mg, B2 and B3 acid.

Sunfeast Marie Lite: 446 ‘calories76’.

In any event, britannia NutriChoice: 487 calories58 gm carbohydrates, five gm protein, 25 gm fat, 6 gm dietary fiber, 0 transfats or 0 cholesterol.

McVities: 478 “calories7” protein, 63.

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